My Birchbox Uk and Elemental Herb freebies

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After winning  #BBxWin on twitter for my top tip;

my top to Take your make up Of before bed. keep a pack of wipes by your bed for when you're super tired

I then received these goodies in the post:

I have to confess that i have never used any Elemental Herb products before so i was excited to try these out as soon as i could. So here is my little review on what i thought of the products.

Radiance and vitality: Face Glow 
I applied this to my skin and left it for four minutes then washed it off with warm water. It wasn't as thick as most face scrubs or peels that i have used before. It was light mixture when i put it on my face and it spread easily on my face. When i washed it off my face it felt re- freshed and hydrated. 

Radiance And Vitality Serum: Cell Food

This one came in a unfamiliar bottle, syringe like. This then was easy to apply to my face, within seconds the serum had taken to my skin and left my skin feeling, like a new lease of life! My skin looks so much healthier, i haven't really experience this from the previous beauty products that i have used before. 

Facial Cleanser: Cool and clear 

I applied this to my damp face after i had taken my make-up off. I read the label and it was suitable for around the eye area as before with previous products it has left my eyes sensitive and sore. It left my skin feeling CLEAN like a child. 

All of the products came in smart and posh packaging, it gave of the impression of a brand that knew what they were talking about! From using the products they certainly do, they know their stuff. I have now felt like a total convert to Elemental Products! I wouldn't usually go for products like this because they are slightly out of my budget (with being a poor student) but i am more that willing to pay for what you receive. 


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