I'am in love with Lush

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I am in love with LUSH,

I only discovered it about three months ago and now i can't get more of it. I love the scents of everything, it makes me smell nice and feel all fuzzy inside. Every time i go into the store i am greeted by a warm welcome offering advice when needed, this is nice because its not straightaway pushed into my face, which can be very off putting when entering stores. Most of the times i go the associate offers me a free product too, or a small sample of something. Which is always a bonus!

Every time i go i try something different, so far i have tried the bath bombs and the bubble bars everyone i have tried i have loved so far;

Dragon Egg
I was unsure what to expect from this but it has to be my favourite. I love the way the bomb opens and it releases lots of little surprises. It left my skin feeling silky soft and smelling amazing! It left me dazzling from the glitter so i felt like a movie star (i wish).

Sex Bomb
This one i could see the petals so i knew what to expect when i released it into the bath. The bath turned a pinky colour almost straightaway. The soya milk left my skin feeling so nice and soft like a bay. This one was perfect for valentine's day and i do love the name of this one.

Space Girl
This one was fun, as soon as it was dropped into the water it started popping! The water goes a mauve colour all glittery. This one was very fun! It left my skin glittery and feeling silky soft.

Karma Bubble Bar
This is slightly different to the bombs but still as good! You put break some of the bar off and put it under a running tap, i didn't do this the first time and i didn't get any bubbles :(. This one is great because the bar can be used a few times so you get more for your money ££££.

Today i discovered the lip balms, i had heard a few people talking about them but i was unsure because i am always licking my lips. I brought the 'started with a kiss' it has a red tint and tastes of cinnamon and apple. I have had it on for two hours now and its still as red and as tasty! It is £5.50 so more than i would usually pay for a lip balm but if it last then its worth every penny!

This what i got today, far too excited to try these out later!

Kirstie xoxox
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