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                  Here is my guide to getting cheap train fares

I refuse to buy train tickets at full price, unless i really have to. If you shop around and use vouchers or cards you can save £££££. 

Try and get a rail card A young persons rail card 16-25, they are £28 and save you a third on fares. They are well worth it and you used to be able to get them when you opened a student account with Natwest. The only thing with these is that you can't use them to get discount when you buy tickets on the train.

Use cheap fare finders Most train sites have some, they are good finding a cheap train the best price i have found is 2.95 Nottingham to Sheffield. Use them against each other to find a really good price, most of these do have to be booked in advanced though, so you need to make plans.

They are the best ones, and tend to have the cheapest fares with no booking costs. Which is WIN WIN. 

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